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  • The Limo Mission
    The childrens village of Hebron stands op for these children! Currently they have 10 children livving with them. We got to know Hebron tru our friend Marco Grevers and we wanted to do something great with the children.
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Curacao, the island where we live, is a true paradise with the best beaches and great weather year-round! But also, probably as in many parts in the world, with many poor children.
For the New Year 2010 we decided to take action and do something for these children and make this our mission. Now, in 2012, our website had a complete make-over.
This website and the Guinness World Record attempt creating 'The World's longest online guestbook with comments' is made to support our mission.
The money we receive from donations, advertisements on the site, sponsors and goods or services we may receive, is used for our missions.
We will post ongoing information about the mission-in-progress and when we complete a mission we will place photos and videos so you can enjoy too. 

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